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Ridgewood Shootout Saturday Standouts

By MHS Staff, 07/01/21, 10:45AM CDT


Day two of the Ridgewood Shootout was action packed with talent and some high level games. Here are some players that were able to standout. 

Tye Banks (2022 Springfield Lanphier HS): Banks is a strong wing. He is an excellent slasher using his strong frame to finish through contact and has the length to extend past defenders. He has a nice floater and great touch around the rim. He can handle the ball and bring it up the floor. The 6'4 wing can also step outside and knock down shots. 

Jeveon Bardwell (2023 Sacred Heart HS): Bardwell is a shifty quick guard. He’s lightning fast with the ball in his hands and has good body control in the paint finishing through contact. He can hit the three at a high clip and picks his spots well.

Richard Barron (2023 St. Ignatius HS): Barron is a 6’5 sturdy guard with sneaky athleticism. He has all the tools to do it all for his team. He can handle the ball well for his size and create his own shot off the dribble. He also a strong base in the paint finishing through contact at a high rate. He’s best getting downhill putting pressure on the defense to finish above the rim. 

Dajuan Bates (2022 De La Salle HS): Bates is a speedy guard who relentlessly attacks the rim. He is always a threat to get into the paint and collapse the defense. Bates is good at finding teammates who are open for lay down passes and he can also pull up and knock down jump shots from midrange. 

Rashawn Bost (2022 Evanston HS): Bost had another good showing at the Ridgewood Shootout. He scores effortlessly, can hit the deep three, stop on a dime and pull up from midrange, and use shifty moves to get to the rim. His passing ability also stood out making hard passes look easy in the lane setting up teammates.

Timaris Brown (2022 St. Patrick HS): Brown is a 6’5” athletic forward who can do it all. He has the ability to handle and create his own shot off the dribble. He’s a workhorse in the paint using his frame to play bully ball and finish through contact. He also showed he could shoot it, hitting multiple deep threes off the catch & dribble as well as pulling up from mid-range. 

Tyler Burrows (2022 Yorkville Christian HS): Burrows is an excellent finisher around the rim, especially in transition. He is also a smart passer finding open teammates when he probes the paint. On defense, he pressures ball handlers forcing turnovers for easy looks on the other side of the court. 

Owen Freeman (2023 Bradley Bourbonnais HS): Freeman is a great scorer in the post. He is a man amongst boys standing at 6'10. The forward is a great passer out of double teams and can find shooters and cutters for easy looks. Freeman has great touch around the rim using his size and length to rise above the defense to score. Freeman can score off the bounce as well putting the ball on the floor and beating defenders with his long strides.

Aidan Galvan (2022 Deerfield HS): Galvan is a tough scoring guard. He can hit the three at a high clip and has good body control in the paint to finish at the rim. He picks his spots well and doesn’t let defense speed him up. 

Jake Hamilton (2023 Sacred Heart HS): Hamilton is an athletic playmaking wing. He has a quick first step and gets in the paint easily. Standing at 6’4, he attacks the rim hard and finishes through contact. He can also shoot it, hitting multiple threes off the catch and pulling up from behind the arc. His athleticism was also on display, timing his steps and blocking a lot of shots at the rim. 

Bryant Handley (2023 St. Patrick HS): Handley is a high energy playmaking guard. He’s quick with the ball in his hands and gets downhill easily with his shifty ball handling. He can score in bunches, with putbacks, finding open lanes in transition, or hitting threes. 

Caleb Hannah (2022 Orr HS): Hannah is a lanky athletic wing that can really shoot it. He does it all for his team. He can handle the ball and hit the three from deep at a high rate. His athleticism was also on display slashing and finishing at the rim with a vengeance. He has some good size for his position standing at 6’7. His combination of size and skill makes him hard to stop.

Nick Hesch (2022 York HS): Hesch is a lengthy wing who can knock down shots. At 6’5 Hesch has a huge motor & attacks the offensive boards with a ferocity creating extra opportunities for his team. Hesch can score behind the arc, out of the post, and attack off the bounce. He is also a good passer finding teammates when he attacks the basket. 

Nashawn Holmes (2023 Homewood Flossmoor HS): Holmes is a slashing guard. At 6’2 Holmes is great at penetrating in the paint and finding teammates or finishing at the hoop. Holmes can also knock down threes from the outside off of the catch.

Tevonta Jackson (2023 Springfield Lanphier HS): Jackson changes speed and direction masterfully and gets by defenders with ease. He attacks the basket causing the paint to collapse and finds open teammates on lay down passes. Jackson is a crafty finisher at the rim using his length well to finish around the defense.

Morez Johnson (2024 St. Rita HS): The 6'8 forward is a springy standout athlete. He runs the floor well and is an excellent rebounder he is able to get putback buckets and get extra possessions for his team. Johnson can also put the ball on the floor and attack the basket as well as step outside and hit jump shots. On defense, he can switch on to guards and uses his length and athleticism to block shots.

Trey Keizer (2022 Timothy Christian HS): Keizer is a high IQ playmaking guard. He has a good handle and creates his own shot. He’s best with the ball in his hands getting downhill creating for himself and others. His shooting ability was on display hitting multiple threes from well behind the line. 

Xavier Lewis (2022 TF South HS): Lewis is an 6’6 athletic play making forward. He flashes guard skills with a solid handle and runs the floor well beating defenders down the court. Lewis's athleticism always makes him a threat for a lob or putback slam. His combination of size and skill make him hard to stop in transition. 

Emory Marshall (2023 Fenwick HS): Marshall is a crafty guard who’s best getting downhill. He has a quick first step and can get in the paint at will. He has a really strong base and has good body control in the paint. He’s also a good passer finding open teammates for three or dumping off passes for easy layups.

Nick Martinelli (2022 Glenbrook South HS): Martinelli is a lengthy wing. He has great size for his position at 6'7 and a long wingspan. He is able to use his length to change shots and can poke the ball loose from ballhandlers. On offense, he can operate from both the perimeter and post and has good touch around the rim he is also an excellent passer out of the mid post.

Davion McCarthy (2022 Orr HS): Davion McCarthy is a workhorse down low. At 6’4 with a sturdy frame, he gets the job done. He has an array of moves with his back to the basket and keeps post defenders off balance. He’s also a workhorse on the glass fighting for offensive rebounds getting his team extra possessions and easy points.

Christian Meeks (2022 Homewood Flossmoor HS): Meeks is an athletic dual forward. He can put the ball on the floor and attack the basket. He runs the floor well and is a target in the fast break. He has a lot of bounce in his game which helps him finish at the rim. Meeks cleans up rebounding grabbing offensive boards and finishing everything around the rim.

Sean Molloy (2022 Lane Tech HS): Molloy is a versatile scorer and has the ability to put the ball on the floor and drive to the basket. He is a strong finisher and has good touch around the rim and can handle contact well. The guard is also deadly from the midrange and has a nice turnaround jumper. 

Jaylen Montgomery (2022 Downers Grove South HS): Montgomery is a shifty quick guard that can score. He has a strong base and has good body control in the lane. His shooting abilities were on display hitting multiple deep threes. He also showed he can really pass the ball, getting in the paint setting up teammates for easy looks from three or layups at the rim.

Cooper Noard (2022 Glenbrook South HS): Noard is a smart cutter and an excellent shooter. He times his cuts perfectly and finds holes in the defense, he often catches defenders off guard and gets easy baskets at the rim. The 6'1 guard is a sniper off of the catch and has great mechanics on his jumpshot. 

Evan Porto (2022 Stevenson HS): Porto is a high IQ scoring guard. He can create his own shot off the dribble and hits the three at a high clip with his sweet shooting stroke. The guard also has good body control in the lane finishing through contact or finding open teammates for easy looks.

AJ Redd (2022 St. Ignatius HS): AJ Reed is a lanky playmaking guard who can score. He can score in bunches with his handle and quick first step. He excels in transition finding cutters or beating defenders down the court and finishing through contact. 

Jaden Schutt (2022 Yorkville Christian HS): Schutt is a sniper from three. The 6’5 guard has a high release point allowing him to shoot over the defense. Schutt can play out of the post as well as out on the perimeter. He is a snap decision maker and a smart passer facilitating ball movement and creating opportunities for his team.

Jaden Smith (2024 Lincoln Park HS): Smith is an athletic forward with a ton of length. He runs the floor well and is dangerous in transition. Smith is excellent on the glass using his long wingspan to get putback buckets for his team. He is a high upside guy - look for him to make even more of an impact as he gets older, stronger, and adds weight to his frame.

Tyler Smith (2023 Leo HS): Smith is comfortable shooting off the catch or pulling up off the dribble. He uses his shifty handle and his explosive first step to penetrate and find shooters in drive and kick scenarios. On defense, He is able to pressure ball handlers getting steals and creating opportunities for his team. 

Matt Sommerdyke (2022 Wheaton Warrenville South HS): Sommerdyke is a crafty shot creating guard. He’s strong and can really handle the ball. He also uses screens well finding holes in the defense and setting his teammates up for easy looks at the rim. 

Jehvion Starwood (2024 Yorkville Christian HS): Starwood is an incredible athlete. The 6'3 guard has the ability to hang in the air and finish above the rim and through contact. He has an explosive first step and can beat defenders off the dribble. In transition, he excels at drawing defenders and finding teammates for easy looks with drop off passes.

Dajour Stevens (2022 Niles North HS): Stevens is a sturdy guard who loves to attack the basket. Stevens uses his quick first step and shifty handle to get by defenders. He has a low center of gravity and embraces contact around the hoop. The guard also rebounds well for someone his size and can grab and go in transition.

Andrew Stokes (2022 Montini HS): Stokes is a versatile scoring forward. Standing at 6’3 he has good guard skills with a tight handle. He is deadly from mid-range and is able to shoot off the dribble and the catch. He can also attack the basket and finish through contact using his size and strength to draw fouls on his drives.

Josh Thomas (2023 Stevenson HS): Thomas is an uber athletic forward. Standing 6’6 he is very agile and finishes well around the rim. He runs the floor well in transition and is always a threat to finish above the rim. He cleared the glass on both ends well with his athleticism snatching rebounds at their highest point. 

Ben VanderWal (2022 Timothy Christian HS): VanderWal is a 6’7 do-it-all forward for his team. He can handle, pass, and shoot it from deep at a high clip. He can create his own shot off the dribble and has the ability to score out of the post. He is very active defensively, using his athleticism to meet defenders at the rim blocking a lot of shots. The forward's combination of size and skill makes him hard to stop. 

KJ Vasser (2022 Yorkville Christian HS): Vasser is an athletic guard. He has an explosive first step and a tight handle he uses it to penetrate and score inside. Vasser also has a knockdown jump shot and excels at hitting threes from the corner. He can score off the catch as well as pull up in the midrange and hit shots.